Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the new way to create a beautiful, reflective, low-maintenance floor. Nearly any concrete slab can be transformed into polished concrete using diamond abrasives, offering many advantages over traditional coatings (paint, epoxies), tile or carpet.

Intelli-Clean uses impregnating densifiers for polished concrete, which hardens and densifies concrete, yielding up to a 400% increase in abrasion resistance and improved impact strength. This means that concrete dust (an environmental hazard) is eliminated and your polished concrete surface is much more resistant to chipping. Polishing creates a marble-like sheen which does not dull with age and use. No topical coatings or waxes are used, no more peeling, flaking and inevitable replacement of paint, coatings or carpet.

Advantages of polished concrete:

 Stronger, denser, more durable surface.
 Permanent finish, no re-applications required.
 Concrete continues to breath, no cracking or peeling due to moisture or vapor movement.
 Low maintenance.
 Highly attractive, unique finish.
 Stain can be applied to add color and variety to finish.
 Odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic, completely “Green” system.

Examples of successful polished concrete applications:

 Food handling and service areas
 Auto dealerships
 Health care facilities
 Warehouse floors
 Concrete countertops


 Garage floors
 Basement floors
 Kitchen counters (concrete countertops)
• Recreation rooms
 Other living spaces, with area rugs
 Living rooms, bedrooms, etc…

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